Langsford Announces Campaign for Legacy Project

This year Langsford Men's Chorus suffered a significant loss when Gary Reggio joined the celestial Men's Chorus. Gary's love of the chorus went well beyond his beloved Tenor section, serving as President for many years, constantly recruiting new members, calling former members to try and reignite interest in the chorus and ensuring the group received all the publicity possible. Gary was a tireless advocate, chorister and friend. He was also probably one of the most genuinely good guys we've ever had the pleasure of knowing. To honor Gary's legacy, the Chorus is commissioning our friend, Craig Courtney, to compose a new men's choral piece in Gary's memory. This work will be performed for years to come, and help us to recognize the depth of Gary's love for men's choral singing, as well as his devotion to our Chorus. A "Kickstarter" campaign has been launched to fund the Gary Reggio Memorial Project. Please consider joining us in creating this lasting tribute.